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Pheezy how : pencil jumpsuit tutorial part1

So I have been saying I want to do tutorials on the blog,  because am very interested in crafts and because I really love teaching people how to do anything I know or learn. The very first tutorial is on a jumpsuit.
         For this project you will need

A tailor chalk or regular school chalk,Scissor ,Tape measure ,3 yards of Ankara fabric. You need the following measurements for your trousers

Waist circumference Waist to hip length Leg length Cuff circumference Crotch dept
However for the purpose of this tutorial,  just get a trousers with a good fit in your wardrobe and place it on the material that will should be folded into two already.

Place trousers on your folded material. To cut the front pieces, place the front part of your trousers on material and trace the trousers with a chalk.(make sure you add allowance of bout 1inch for sewing allowance,  if the trousers you are using to trace is stretchy add about 2.5inches seam allowance to the sides.  And also use 1.5inch to hem…

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